In search of Never Land!

Remember those joyous carousel rides when we were younger? I do and so vividly too; as though even now with the stretch of my arm I’d be able to touch the mounts of zebras and unicorns on it! Or, better yet the ponies that were always my favourite. I can still feel the gush of sweetened fresh air on my face every time I think about it. My eyes closed throughout; those rides were euphoric and epitomize a time free of all the banalities of life. Sometimes I think if happiness would have to ever place eternal dibs on anything in life, it would have to most definitely be the carousel rides! Hung precariously; fearful of losing grip while being pulled apart by the relentless and malicious centrifugal forces of what we call life, I yearn to visit those distant shores where my heart would leap with the same childish glee!  

What wouldn’t I give to be able to go back in time, to that point when life was all about fairies, unicorns, hot chocolate and carousel rides?

What wouldn’t I give to flee the reality that life actually is, even if it were for a nanosecond?

What wouldn’t I give for a get-away to a far off place where everything is pleasant and happiness inducing like childhood itself?

What wouldn’t I give for a glimpse of life’s magic?

What wouldn’t I give for a vacation, an escape or rather escapism?

But where would I find all of that on earth?

Where would I find my perfect destination, Peter Pan’s Neverland?

Yes Peter Pan’s Never Never land!

I need a break from the mad dash of life, the mechanical sequence around which life revolves in the whole world. A break away from one and all, with my family, is all that I seek. A walk into the far wild, leaving behind the temporal anxieties, is what I pine for. But is there a place on earth; is there any place where the heart and soul can together rejoice and bask in the healthy warmth of childhood again?

Those good old days of yore!

A time when work didn’t mandate a family to be strewn across the four corners of the country,

A time when every night I would go to sleep after planting kisses on the cheeks of every member of my family,

A time when I didn’t have to rely on the phone to say I care or that I’m there!

Yes, as childish as it sounds my perfect trip is a magical trip! It is a trip into Barrie's fabulous island, Never Land, near the stars of the milky-way. How magnificent it would be; a charmed land devoid of boundaries, as if at the cusp of luminous stars and bright orange rays of the morning sun! As Barrie said perhaps it does exist in our minds, maybe all it needs is a little thrust to search!

An escape into the unknown is all I yearn for,

An escape into a land of mystic possibilities,

An escape into the home of a mischievous boy,

Who flies and never ages,

An escape from reality!

Yes away from life’s hectic schedules and rude jolts,

I wish for a few days off!

A dip in the Mermaid’s lagoon, a few nights in the Wendy house with Peter and the lost boys too, a hike up Neverpeak Mountain, a walk with fairies through Pixie Hollow, rides in the giant clam-shell pulley system, a cup of tea at Peter Pan’s house atop trees; with all these and more what more could I ask for? Perhaps its escapism at its best, but then which vacation isn’t about one?

If I close my eyes and think then it is only the island of Bora Bora that comes close to my perception of Neverland. A picturesque isle, as if painted by Michelangelo or Picasso, somewhere in the vast expanse of the Pacific with lagoons, barrier reefs and heavenly azure blues shielded by the Chartreuse palms!  Perhaps, that’s where I need to go. Perhaps, that’s where I need to spend a week or two with my family in tow. Perhaps, there’s where I’d laugh again with childlike glee and be free from life’s worries even if it’s just a momentary flee!

Walking down the sandy beach,

Our feet covered in the beige sweet,

Witnessing the setting rays peach,

Swaying under the starry sheet,

Soaking in the wavy reach,

Days with my family complete,

Bora Bora, joy on its shores besiege,

My Neverland, My Peter Pan’s retreat!

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